Frequently asked questions

What is your average cost for a house my size? 4 kW (small house) $11,000 - 7.5 kW (average house) $20,625 - 10 kW (larger home) $27,500. These cost are base prices that could go up depending on how labor intensive a job is, or on the features the customer desires. These prices are also before incentives.

Do those prices include batteries? No, most customers don't feel as if batteries are cost effective and choose to not use them. Batteries are not needed on an installation due to what is called "net metering". 

Whats the usual amount customers get back for incentives? In total, usually around 60% of the investment after 1 year. In some cases it could be more depending on system size and ease of installation.

Do you offer financing? No, we work closely with a few green lenders who are eager to give out these types of loans, and we will walk you through the whole process.